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Update History of Instant File Find

Changes Version Date Download
+ Supports sort ascending and descending
* Fixed a crash problem
* Fixed a UI problem
* Fixed a bug regarding accelerator keys
Pro 1.14.0 build 753508/22/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.14.0 build 753508/22/2011 Download

FREE Edition
+ Add a auto update module
* Fixed a crash problem
* Fixed a resizing problem
* Fixed a bug regarding accelerator keys
Pro 1.13.5 build 737007/18/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.13.5 build 737007/18/2011 Download

FREE Edition
+ Add a settings dialog
* Fixed date and size filters do not work(Pro version)
* Fixed a UI problem
Pro 1.12.0 build 699006/19/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.12.0 build 699006/19/2011 Download

FREE Edition
+ Optimized UI
+ Optimized core module
* Fixed general UI problems
Pro 1.11.0 build 690506/05/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.11.0 build 690506/05/2011 Download

FREE Edition
* Fixed a general bug
Pro 1.10.3 build 668106/03/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.10.3 build 668106/03/2011 Download

FREE Edition
* Fixed UI problems
Pro 1.10.2 build 668005/20/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.10.2 build 668005/20/2011 Download

FREE Edition
+ Added support to update location..(Pro Version)
+ Allow to cache 'A' and 'B' drives..
+ Improved update module
* fixed bugs regarding accelerator keys
Pro 1.10.0 build 660005/20/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.10.0 build 660005/20/2011 Download

FREE Edition
+ Complete rewrite of core module (If you find any bug in this version, please let us know)

+ Added support to stop updating
+ Improved integrity checking
* fixed bugs regarding accelerator keys
Pro 1.9.0 beta build 655004/24/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.9.0 beta build 655004/24/2011 Download

FREE Edition
* fixed a bug that Ctrl + A may not work properly
+ add accelerator key Ctrl+C and menu option for copying files
+ add accelerator key Delete and menu option for deleting files
Pro 1.8.6 build 623003/19/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.8.6 build 623003/19/2011 Download

FREE Edition
*fixed a bug that checkbox may not show properly in windows 7
* Improved UI
* fixed a bug that load cache file dialog is not correct
* improved open file dialogs
Pro 1.8.5 build 620003/11/2011 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.8.5 build 620003/11/2011 Download

FREE Edition
*Fixed a general bug
Pro 1.8.1 build 607012/25/2010 Download

Pro Edition
FREE 1.8.1 build 607012/25/2010 Download

FREE Edition
+ We release a FREE version! And you can use basic functions of PRO version after evaluation period now!
+ Improved core module
Pro 1.8.0 beta build 585512/24/2010 Download

Pro Edition
+ We release a FREE Edition! And you can use basic functions of PRO Edition after evaluation period now!
+ Improved core module
FREE 1.8.0 beta build 585512/24/2010 Download
FREE Edition
* fixed a display problem that window may not show properly on start up
* fixed a crash problem when there are too many results.
+ Improved core module
1.7.1 build 569212/17/2010 Download
+ added support for Vista/Windows 7
1.6.1 build 545707/01/2010 Download
* Repack
1.6.0 build 533306/17/2010 Download
* fixed a possible crash problem when search too quickly (this is a major problem introduced in version 1.0).
* fixed a problem that result size may be displayed incorrectly in refine mode.
1.6.0 RC build 533206/16/2010 Download
* fixed problem that icons on the desktop blink during searching.
1.5.4 beta build 530206/15/2010 Download
* fixed a crash problem when using search in search function.
* fixed problem that history list may exceed the limit.
1.5.4 beta build 530006/13/2010 Download
+ search in search function (refine mode), please see the manual for more information(Ctrl+R to start a refine search).
* fixing problem that history list may exceed the limit.
+ rewrite the manual file.
1.5.4 beta build 520606/07/2010 Download
* fixing problem that history list may exceed the limit.
1.5.2 beta build 514005/25/2010 Download
* adjusted the monitor frequency.
1.5.1 build 510112/13/2009 Download
+ Add a option "automatically refresh removable drives", disable this option will prevent iff from refresing and selecting new arrived USB ,HDD (default behavior). Enable it is just like previous versions.
* fixed: open url issue on some system.
1.5.0 build 510011/19/2009 Download
+ save current skin settings
* some minior changes
1.4.8 build 503009/17/2009 Download
+ add some keyboard shortcuts :
    [Context Menu Key] to activate instant file find context menu
    [Shift] + [Context Menu Key] to activate explorer menu
    [Ctrl] + [A] to select all items
    [Ctrl] + [C] to copy selected items

1.4.7 beta build 497509/04/2009 Download
* fixed a bug due to a conflict with "folder lock", thanks for hany samir who help us find this bug.
* fixed explorer menu font issue
1.4.7 beta build 495009/02/2009 Download
* fixed a unicode issue
1.4.6 beta build 475708/04/2009 Download
+ Add a Vista Style Skin
+ Not show 1 character result while typing by default. (You can enable 1 character search by check "Allow 1 Character Search" in the Advanced Page).
1.4.6 beta build 463307/29/2009 Download
* Fixed some bugs
1.4.5 build 4616 Stable05/7/2009 Download
+ Dragging and Dropping Files Asynchronously
+ Sorting inhancement (remembering the sorting order, but has no effect on 1 character query. Because it would slow down the search performance.)
+ Font changing inhancement
1.4.5 beta build 452104/25/2009 Download
* fixed bug while resizing window
+ support choosing list font
* fixed bug while saving history lists
* fixed a display bug
* fixed a bug on windows 2000
* We adopted a new version scheme
1.4.2 build 446008/13/2008 Download
+ support network drive now
+ support USB drive and external drive now (for the
performance , RoboCacher will not monitor them)
+ support select drives to search now
+ add some shortcut keys
+ modified some core code
* fixed a few bugs
1.3.5 build 4286 05/30/2008 Download
+ support drag and drop now (but one thread only for this moment)
+ main window can be maxmized now
+ save main window size when hide window
+ auto save query text
+ show registered users' name in "About..." dialog
+ optimize some base code
* fixed display bug when user is changing theme in windows xp
1.3.4 03/13/2008 Download
+ Search results show immediately when user is typing
+ Press "Shfit + Esc" to bring up the main window
+ Press "Esc" to Hide the main window
* drop down history lists accepts 10 entries now
* if you want to add a search to the history lists , you should click "search" button or type additional "Enter"
* fixed problem that "Esc" to exit main window
* fixed problem that remove some annoying message dialogs
* fixed serveral other bugs
1.3.3 01/11/2008 Download
First Release
1.3.0 11/25/2007
Alpha version
1.0.0 Alpha 09/14/2007
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